Why is getting ready for college so stressful?

I have always been worried about college. When I was 9 I already had college brochures for some school for what, nuclear physics? I thought I had it all figured out but honestly I don’t. I’m just as scared as anyone else! College used to be this big dream and I had fun planning out my dorm room and figuring out how much Harvard would cost per year but now college is this big weight on my shoulders. It scares the hell out of me.
When you are a freshman in high school they tell you that you should start thinking about what you want to do later in life, what you want to major in and then make into a career. You don’t have much stress on you and you’re simply just trying to pass the ninth grade. When you’re a sophomore they expect you to kind of know what you want to do with your life and probably put it on paper. When you’re a junior they want to to know the exact thing you want to do with your life, your calling if you will, they want you to know exactly which college you want to go to and the specific major you’re going to have. When you’re a senior they expect you to know all of that, and how to pay for it while living life on you own. The problem with this is that most of us have never taken a class on how to pay your taxes let alone your power and water bill! How do they expect us to live on our own when some people have never even seen a bill in their life? Parents and teachers assume that we just know these things and we will be fine in this world! No need to worry about us because we can just figure it out right? This is a crazy and completely stupid fantasy. Whoever thought this up was a complete idiot and should have never been listened to.
No matter what we do we will never be completely ready for life away from mom and dad, or just a home in general. However I do think that we could really be more prepared than this



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