Thanksgiving(a.k.a The sub holiday in the Christmas season)

    Thanksgiving has always been a special time in my family. It’s not only a time to spend countless hours with your family whilst eating way too much pie, but also a time to be thankful for all of the amazing and divine things/people you get to have in your life!

So take this time to celebrate the little things that you never have time to enjoy. Give thanks for the awesome streak of good songs Pandora played the other day, give thanks for the great cup of coffee you enjoyed this morning. Give thanks for the time you get to spend with your friends because you never know if they will be gone tomorrow.

  You may not want to give thanks for an annoying younger/older sibling but they just get you ready for all of the extremely annoying customers you’ll meet while working your first job especially if you’re working retail. #Alexfromtarget #sosorry ANYWAYS Give thanks for getting to live on this earth with such interesting people and well, the strength not to strangle them at times. Give thanks for the amazing times you had with them that would’ve never happened if they had not been born. Like when you were kids and you made a tent out of blankets and chairs and read under it with flashlights. For when there was no other pee buddy on a long trip. For being a pillow after a long day of playing at the park(Sometimes unknowingly). Give thanks for all of the fake battles (and some of the real ones) you’ve had with wooden swords or sticks. Your siblings will probably be there when no one else can so cherish them, even when they suck sometimes.

    Now for the serious stuff…. THANKSGIVING DINNER. This is always one of my favorite things in the world I mean I have 3 stomachs on this night: Turkey Stomach, Sides Stomach, and finally Desert stomach! I kid you not I probably as much as two people combined on this day. I always loved being in the kitchen all day just cooling and I just couldn’t wait to get to eat all of the amazing things we made. I’ll have some links below for some good thanksgiving recipes! 

   Another thing that’s always fun is Thanksgiving crafts! I loved doing those finger painted turkeys! 🙂 There will also be some links to crafts down below for the little ones and yourself! 

I hope that you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! 

-Alyssa Marescalco


Mini Pumpkin Pies:

Southern Style Green Beans:

Easy Mini Cinnamon Rolls:

Fun Crafts:

Classic Turkey:

This is like the classic turkey made from hand prints (You can do it on a shirt, paper, etc.)

Cute turkey hats:

Other Thanksgiving hats:


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