A few things I was thankful for this thanksgiving

So first off, thanks Sara Hayes for this idea that I’m totally stealing!! The link to her blog post will be at the bottom! Feel free to enjoy her blog as well!


 Anyways, today is a day for giving thanks, and even as small or silly(again thanks Sara) as they may seem I’m sure you all are thankful for SOMETHING. So today I’ll be giving you a list of the things I’m thankful for:


  • NOT having turkey at thanksgiving dinner this year. (I’d much rather have ham for any occasion.)
  • Unlimited coffee for this cold snowy day in western NC.
  • Friends and Family to eat and converse with on this lovely evening!
  • The amazing pumpkin pie and cheese cake desert.
  • NO ONE WANTED TO WATCH FOOTBALL (Extra special thanks)
  • Non-dairy creamer (I’m lactose intolerant) 
  • Good smelling incense to end the day with
  • potholders because the pan really was hot…
  • The amazing time I had tonight with my family and be able to go an entire meal without arguing (this is a thanksgiving miracle) 


Here’s the link to Sara’s blog post:


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