5 Things you need to know about “mother nature’s gift”


Okay! So first I just wanted to give a shout out to U by Kotex for sending me this awesome sample pack!

Next, I wanted to talk about a hard topic, that’s right, your period. Mother nature kind of hates us sometimes and even though the thought of not being pregnant is great for most girls, the pain and grossness of this whole thing doesn’t always seem worth it to be honest. On top of that, this subject is often skimmed over in sex ed and hardly talked about with family members so how in the world are we supposed to know what to do with ourselves!? We blindly go through life hoping that we’re doing something right. AND, AND “feminine products” are expensive as well as confusing! I can remember my first “time of the month” it was horrible, embarrassing and probably the worst thing I’ve ever been through. MY mom swore that I could never wear tampons until I had sex and I was totally with her on that one I mean I wouldn’t even know where to start when putting that thing in! I’m probably one of the few people who prefers pads over tampons because well, tampons are 10 times more uncomfortable, and taking them out… ew.

So without further or do… 5 things you need to know about “Mother nature’s gift”

  1. Tampons can interfere with the body’s own flora balance to create conditions in which harmful bacteria can flourish, which can trigger the potentially fatal condition known as toxic shock syndrome (TSS).  Synthetic tampon ingredients appear to be particularly prone to the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria linked to TSS. So ladies, please be aware of how long you’ve got them things in!
  2. If you started early, or late, and you aren’t prepared ask a friend for something, or buy out of those handy things in the bathroom! They are usually my very last choice though. If you bleed through, pray you have a jacket and tie it around your waist!!!!!! The 90s can be brought back for a few days.
  3. If you’re like me and you are open to trying new brands and love free stuff you can always check websites to get free samples like I did!
  4. When you have an eating disorder or if you’re just simply malnourished you will probably have a delayed/irregular period or bleed more/less. It’s very important to stay healthy and happy!(:
  5. YES you CAN go swimming while on your period! Just use a handy tampon, if it is applied correctly you should be fine.

Have a lovely day!



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